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Joe Gilder
Founder, Home Studio Corner
Nashville, TN


Dear Home Studio Owner,

When you first got into recording, I bet you didn’t even know what “mixing” was. 

I know I didn’t. 

“Mixing” my very first album consisted of a few volume changes and the use of a really cool “echo” effect I found. I didn’t even know what EQ and compression were or how to use them.

Fast forward to today, and I’m working on songs with as many as 62 tracks, with plugins and automation all over the place.

And I’m having FUN. 

Does the idea of mixing a song with 62 tracks intimidate you? 

It’s okay if it does. 

The idea of working in a doctor’s office seeing 15 sick patients in one day intimidates me like crazy. Why? Because I’m not a doctor. My dad, on the other hand, has been a family physician my entire life. Seeing patients doesn’t intimidate him. Why? Because he’s had years of training and even more years of on-the-job experience. 

It’s the same way with mixing songs in a home studio.

Hi, my name is Joe Gilder. 

I'm a musician/engineer in Nashville.

I run

I want to help you get better mixes.

The first requirement for getting better mixes is being a bit overwhelmed. Frustrated. Maybe even wanting to quit and take up disc golf instead.

I have good news for you. 

If that describes you, then you are closer to better mixes than you have ever been.

Any creative endeavor, whether it’s painting a portrait or mixing a rock song, is not without frustration.

Frustration is the name of the game, it seems.

I know the feeling.

When I first became serious about recording and mixing music, I devoured as much music as I possibly could. I would listen to albums over and over again, memorizing every tone, every nuance, everything I could. I would file it all away in my mind, hoping that if I listened to enough good music, it would come seeping back out of me when I sat down to work on music in my studio.

But it didn’t really work that way. In fact, it had the opposite effect.

I would go from listening to really great mixes of really great recordings of really great songs to listening to my mediocre mixes of my crappy recordings of my boring songs.

Exposing myself to all that good music only seemed to emphasize how far I was from making music that sounded even remotely good.

This leads to FRUSTRATION.

You pour your heart into a piece of music, and you begin to think, “Hey, this is really sounding great!” Then you flip on the radio, and it all comes crashing down in your mind. What you thought sounded “great” actually sounds muddy. What you thought was “clear and detailed” is actually harsh and even painful to listen to.

So you resolve to get back into the studio and “do better,” but you really only end up doing more of the same.

I like to compare it to a guitarist who only knows two chords — G and D. No matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be able to write a really interesting song with only two chords. Sure, he’ll be able to play “Achy, Breaky Heart” in its entirety, but that’s about it. 

When he turns on the radio and hears really great music, it does him no good to resolve to try harder and “do better” with his own music, not if he doesn’t learn more chords.

In the same way, if you only focus on putting more effort into your mixes without actually learning better techniques and approaches to your mixing process, you won’t get better results. You’ll just get more of the same.


The Biggest Time-Waster of All

Mixing is the single biggest time-waster you’ll ever encounter in the studio.

Or at least it CAN be…if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I know people who have spent over 50 hours mixing a single song. 

I’m not saying you have to mix your music in 4 hours or less to be any good. Some major mix engineers take entire days to mix a song. But they DO mix it. They DO finish it.

One of the most common reasons people spend countless hours on their mixes is that they don’t know when to stop. They don’t have any way of knowing when they’re finished.

They obsess over the wrong things. They solo the shaker track and tweak the settings for an hour, when in reality no one will hear those tweaks when they listen to the entire mix. Many a recording project has lost momentum in the mixing phase due to “over-mixing.”

And we home studio folks aren’t the only ones. Famous engineer Bruce Swedien wrote this about mixing Michael Jackson’s album Thriller:

“I did 91 mixes of 'Billie Jean', and finally Quincy said 'Let's go back and listen to mix number two.' And we did, and it blew us all away! I had overmixed that song right into the pooper, so the mix that went onto the record was mix number two.” (Source: Sound on Sound, Nov 2009)

Perhaps they needed to go through mixes #3-91 to realize that #2 was the best one. But I bet Bruce was much less likely to go overmix the next song after all the time they spent (i.e. “wasted”) on those unused mixes.

Don’t think you’re immune to it. Bruce pointed out that mixing is about making gut decisions, and oftentimes those initial gut decisions are the right ones for the mix, but it’s hard not to keep doing more and more.

Just like sometimes a good song only needs a piano and a vocal track, we’ve got to learn when to leave a mix alone.

So it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to mix a song. What matters is that you know when you’re mixing and when you’re OVER-mixing.

When is the Mix Finished?

The difference between Bruce Swedien and hundreds of home studio folks I’ve interacted with over the years is that even though Bruce took a long time to finish mixing “Billy Jean,” he DID finish it.

It’s not locked away in some closet somewhere, waiting to be pulled out and finished one day. It’s out there. It is finished.

How many home studio folks have dozens of unfinished mixes on their hard drives? Mixes that SHOULD be finished but aren’t. Songs that SHOULD be shared with the world but may never see the light of day.

It’s a shame.

Many a good song has been ruined by a bad mix. But also…many a good song has been lost forever because of a perpetually unfinished mix.

So…how do you know when the mix is finished?

There are plenty of cute phrases floating around, like:

“Mixes aren’t finished, they are only abandoned.”

“The mix is finished when the deadline arrives.”

But those aren’t helpful, especially for us home studio folks. Most of us aren’t working with major record labels, with production schedules and deadlines to meet. If we want to work on a song for 3 years, we can. (And sometimes, we do.)

So how do we know when a mix is done? How do we know when there’s room for improvement and when it’s as good as it’s going to get? 

As you might have guessed, there’s no single answer. I can’t tell you when your mix is done.

For me, in addition to my years of training and experience, I’ve developed a system that tells me when my mix is finished. When I’m feeling lost (and I suspect that I might be over-mixing the song), I refer back to this system, and it gets me back on track. 

We all need something to get us back on track…before we find ourselves working on mix #91 when we should have stopped 89 mixes ago…

The System

You’ve got the desire. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t.

You desperately want to create better mixes, mixes that impress your friends, that impress yourself (which is an incredible experience, by the way). Mixes that bring in new clients, eager to put their music into your hands. Now all you need is a SYSTEM.

A system for setting up your session. A systematic way of working through the song. A system for knowing what to do next and when the mix is finished.

That system comes in the form of training and experience. Just like a good doctor needs training and experience, so do you…if you really want better mixes.

I can give you BOTH with Understanding Mixing.

Understanding Mixing is an in-depth, step-by-step, hands-on guide through the entire mixing process.

What You Get With Understanding Mixing:

 • 50 Walk-Thru Tutorial Videos
 • Bonus #1 - The Mixing Playbook
 • Bonus #2 - Understanding Mixing Checklist
 • Bonus #3 - Multi-Track Audio Files to “There Is a Fountain”
 • Bonus #4 - My Final Mix and Stems
 • Bonus #5 - My Presonus Studio One Session

50 Walk-Thru Tutorial Videos

Understanding Mixing is a collection of 50 videos that could very well transform your mixes forever. They give you a step-by-step approach to mixing. I walk you through every decision, every mistake, every wrong turn, every exciting discovery. I reveal my process for approaching the mix, and how I determine when I'm finished. 

As you sit down and watch these videos, you’ll learn:

  • 3 Game-Changing Mix Tips
  • Four Reasons a Very Simple Change to How You Start Your Mixes Will Change Your World
  • How (and Why) to Mix in Mono
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Mixing Drums
  • The “Snap Secret” to Mixing Drums
  • 3 Keys to a Jaw-Dropping Bass Track
  • 3 EQ Extremes to Avoid When Mixing Guitars
  • The Single Best Technique I’ve Found for Knowing When My Mix is Finished (And how to get there if it isn’t)
  • Dealing With Muddy Guitars and Harsh Vocals
  • A Common (and Huge) Reverb Mistake

And much, much, MUCH more…

This is NOT a "Scripted" Program!

As much as I would like to create a mixing tutorial video series where every mixing move I make is the perfect move, that’s not reality. (And it’s not helpful for you, either.)

Instead, I shot these videos in a raw, over-the-shoulder format. You will learn as much from my mistakes (and how I recover from them) as you will from all the good stuff I do in the mix.

Mixing isn’t a clean, linear process. It involves experimentation. It involves trying things that don’t work. It involves going back and tweaking something you worked on earlier to make it fit in the mix better.

THIS is what you get with Understanding Mixing. You’re not getting a polished presentation that doesn't really help you at all.

You’re getting REAL, behind-the-scenes training that shows exactly how I go about mixing a song in my home studio.

"So ridiculously helpful"

“I will say I believe Understanding Mixing Is your best tutorial product to date. So many tutorials out there are rehearsed and in solo. You dare to make a tutorial on the fly, forever in mono, and in context of the mix?? Brilliant. So ridiculously helpful.”

Nadeem Merchant, Tampa


In addition to powerful core content of Understanding Mixing, when you order today, you’ll also get access to these special bonuses, worth WAY more than what you'll pay for Understanding Mixing.

Bonus #1 - The Mixing Playbook

The first thing you’ll want to do, before you dive into the videos, is read The Mixing Playbook. It’s an eBook I wrote specifically for Understanding Mixing customers, where you’ll learn stuff like:

  • 10,000 Hours?: Why This Seemingly Insurmountable Standard Is Good News For You and Your Mixes
  • Them’s Fighting Words: How to Battle Resistance and Get More Done in Less Time
  • GIRATS: The Oft-Overlooked Key to a Great Mix
  • Dead Mix Walking: Why Deadlines Are The Lifeblood of Your Mixes
  • Hanging in the Balance: Why Setting Levels Is So Much More Important Than We Like to Admit
  • Mixing in Mono: A Seemingly Boring Way to Dramatically Transform Your Mixes
  • EQ: A Boostaholic’s Dream and a Mix’s Worst Nightmare
  • Compression: Why It’s More About Tone Than Dynamics
  • Mixing Backwards: How Starting at the End Can Help Your Mixes Come Together Faster and With Fewer Plugins

The Mixing Playbook ALONE is worth the price of admission. You could not watch a single video, and simply from reading and applying the concepts in this playbook, you’re mixes will be transformed.

But there’s more…

Bonus #2 - Understanding Mixing Checklist

50 Videos is a lot to keep organized in your head. Rather than making you keep track of which videos you’ve watched, you’ll have a downloadable, printable checklist you can use to keep track of which videos you’ve already seen.

It’s a simple thing, but it’ll help keep you on track and motivated as you work through the videos.

Bonus #3 - Multi-Track Audio Files to “There Is a Fountain”

To allow you to get the most out of Understanding Mixing, I've provided the multi-track audio files to the song I will be mixing in the videos. I encourage you to download them, import them into your mixing software, and mix the song along with me.

Bonus #4 - My Final Mix and Stems

I've also provided my final mix along with the stems of my mix (drums, bass, guitars, etc.). Use them as a reference for your own mix when you get stuck. Want to compare your drum mix to mine? Go right ahead. 

It's the equivalent of hiring me to mix a song and also requesting the stems in addition to my final mix. Great learning tool. Take advantage of it. This is a HUGE benefit to you, since you don’t have to only compare your mix to my final mix. You can compare the individual components of your mix to mine, and see where they differ.

Bonus #5 - My Presonus Studio One Session File 

I’m using Presonus Studio One software to mix the song in the videos. If you are a Studio One user, I’ve included a copy of my exact session file for my mix. It’ll be fun to poke around and get an even more behind-the-scenes look at my mix.

IMPORTANT! — Even if you don’t use Studio One (maybe you use Pro Tools or Logic or Reaper), you will still get an insane amount of value out of these videos. Understanding Mixing is about CONCEPTS, not how to use a specific piece of software. You can take the concepts I teach and apply them to ANY mixing environment.

"But Joe, Can’t I Figure This Out On My Own?"

It’s a fair question, and the answer is Yes.

You don’t need Understanding Mixing to get good mixes. You can do it on your own.

The problem with doing it on your own is that it won’t be quick. You’ll make a little progress here and there. You’ll slowly get better. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But if you prefer to transform your mixes in a short amount of time, if you’re looking for transformation instead of incremental change, you need to buy Understanding Mixing.

By the time you’ve finished the final video, read The Mixing Playbook, and finished your mix if “There is a Fountain,” you will feel like a new person. And the proof will be in the mixes. 

"Your Crowning Achievement"

I'm currently going through Understanding Mixing again using it on a different song but still applying the principles. I think that course, so far, is your crowning achievement, so good, and I've really come to like your unrehearsed style and it IS very much like sitting with you at your studio.

Johnny Fuller, Illinois

"Maybe a Little Under-Priced"

Your Understanding Mixing course was intense but I really like the way you structured it into shorter more digestible videos.I really appreciate the level of detail you went into with out regard for the number of videos. Personally, it was a ton of value and experience for an extremely reasonable (maybe a little under priced).It helped me most in providing a logical approach that I use today.

Joe McFeeley, California


For your single payment of $97 today, you'll get Understanding Mixing plus access to all the bonuses listed above.

Think about it for a minute. You’ve spent well over $97 on just ONE piece of equipment in your studio. Why not invest a little time and money into something that will have a much bigger impact than any new piece of gear or plugin will?

You’re already invested in your studio. Why not invest in yourself, so you can get the most out of your studio?

You could easily spend 10 times the money on a fancy plugin bundle. But I would suggest that you’ll see a more dramatic improvement from investing in yourself over only investing in gear.


Are you ready to jump on board? 

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Faris Monshi, California

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Joe Gilder
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to own Pro Tools?

A: Nope! I actually don't use Pro Tools anymore. These videos were done using Presonus Studio One, but the great part about all my training programs is that they aren't software-dependent. I focus 100% of my attention on teaching concepts. These concepts can be directly applied to whatever software you use. 

Q: Will I have instant access to the material?

A: Yes! As soon as you place your order, our system will send you an email with your login information. You can immediately log into the HSC Customer Center and start watching Video #1!

Q: Are the videos streaming only?

A: No! If you prefer to download the videos and watch them offline, we've made that option available to you.

Q: What if you come out with a new version of Understanding Mixing in the future? Will I have to buy it again to get access to the new material?

A: No! The way we run Home Studio Corner is like this: once you buy something, you're in. For life. If I release a new version of Understanding Mixing in the future that sells for double what you paid, you'll get access to all that new stuff FOR FREE. Forever.

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